The chelation agent binds with the heavy metals and removes them from the body, which improves blood flow.
Removal of calcium and other metal deposits from the arteries, which reduces blockages
Improvement in the blood flow by cleaning the cardiovascular system leading to a seamless flow of the blood and reduction in the stress on the heart

Chelation IV therapy

Eliminate heavy metal deposits from your body.

Along with the vital nutrients, we also inadvertently consume heavy metals such as lead, iron, calcium, aluminium, iron, mercury, and copper. These elements are hazardous to the health and can result in severe damage to arteries, veins, and heart.

Cleanse your cardiovascular system from harmful heavy metals.

Improve your cardiovascular activity with Chelation therapy.

The chelation therapy involves a technique of using chelation agents or EDTA to bind with heavy metal and remove them from the body.

The Chelation nutrient IV therapy helps considerably reduce metal deposits from the blood and eliminating blockages in your arteries. This improves the blood flow and gives you more strength and energy.

As a result of this therapy, your cardiovascular system becomes more robust and the stress on the heart decreases. There is an improvement in the immune system and the process helps in prevention of diseases.

It is recommended that you include this therapy in a routine that consists of cardiovascular exercise and a balanced diet.

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