Cure a headache and grumpiness after a hangover or late night partying
Bounce back to normalcy within an hour and become highly productive
Make your immune system strong again to prevent illness
Rehydrate your body organs and brain to help them function normally
Become alert and mindful to work efficiently

With the Rise and Shine Drip – Wake-up Fresh!

Prevent the murk of hangover and a tired feeling.

Whether it was a late night party or an official meeting, we’ve all been guilty of gulping a few drinks extra and staying up till late in the night or early in the morning. The effects are felt in the morning of the next day in the form of a headache, body ache, depression, or a grumpy feeling. Dehydration is the root cause of all these effects.

No matter how bad you feel, get rid of it in less than an hour with a nutrient IV drip.

The Rise and Shine drip can help you achieve it by rehydrating your body within an hour and making you feel nice and motivated. Its high mineral and vitamin concentrate help the body receive energy instantaneously that rids it of any infection or bacteria by improving the immune system.

The Rise and Shine IV drip is a powerful brew of magnesium chloride and vitamins B6 and B12 that remove toxins from the body and strengthen the cellular structure of the body.

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